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We offer monthly bookkeeping services, annual business valuations, and financial coaching for growing companies.

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The Peak Bookkeeping Difference

Start your bi-weekly financial coaching session today with Peak Bookkeeping!

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Meet your Peak Bookkeeping coacH

Working with Peak is simple, whether you are starting fresh or switching bookkeeping services. Your bookkeeping coach will get you onboarded and learn your business. Your coach will set your books up with proven processes to help your business grow.


Access transactions

Your bookkeeping coach will collect all the necessary information to provide reliable and accurate monthly financials


Bi-Weekly financial coaching

Every other week, a Peak Bookkeeping coach will go over key metrics of your business as it relates to your books. The goal of this financial coaching session is to get you in the habit of understanding how your numbers can help you manage and grow your business


Annual business valuation

Every year, Peak Business Valuation will perform an annual business valuation of your company to see the progress of the company. More importantly, your bi-weekly financial coach will go over how your weekly numbers influence your estimate of business value.

Knowing your numbers is an essential component of managing and growing any business.

With an understanding of your numbers, you can make better decisions that will drive growth and profitability. At Peak Bookkeeping we have designed a process to help you track these numbers. Numbers that help you identify how well your company is doing financially. Numbers that track your advertising dollars and the efficiency of that spend. We also look at numbers that track sales conversions, brand reputation, and more. This is what a financial coach at Peak Bookkeeping is here to help you with!

The most important piece of number tracking with Peak Bookkeeping is receiving an estimate of real-time business value. The value of your business takes into account all these numbers a financial coach tracks`. In addition, you receive an annual business valuation from Peak Business Valuation to measure your progress. Working with a Peak Bookkeeping coach will enhance your ability to make decisions, making it more simple to grow your business.

So why is it important to track your numbers with Peak Bookkeeping?

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Financial Health:

First, your numbers allow you to assess the financial health of your business. This includes tracking revenue, expenses, profit margins, and cash flow to name a few. By monitoring these, a Peak bookkeeping coach can help you identify concerns or opportunities for improvement. For example, if your profit margins have been declining over time, you may need to re-evaluate your pricing strategy or look for ways to cut costs.

Growth Opportunities:

Knowing your numbers can also help you identify new growth opportunities. By analyzing customer data and sales trends, a financial coach may help you be able to identify new products or service offerings. Additionally, a Peak Bookkeeping coach can help you understand your customer acquisition costs and lifetime value. Knowing your numbers can help you make informed decisions about where to divide your marketing budget and how to optimize your sales funnel.

Operational Efficiency:

By tracking key operational metrics, such as inventory turnover and employee productivity, Peak Bookkeeping coaches can identify areas where you can improve efficiency and reduce costs. For example, a bookkeeping coach notices that your inventory turnover is low. Adjusting your ordering processes or reducing your product offerings to better match customer demand may help. Similarly, by analyzing employee productivity metrics, a bookkeeping coach can identify areas where your team may be struggling. Then you can take steps to provide additional training or resources to help them be more effective.

Risk Mitigation:

Knowing your numbers can also help you identify new Next, understanding your numbers with Peak bookkeeping can also help you identify and mitigate potential risks to your business. For example, by regularly monitoring your accounts receivable aging report, you can quickly identify customers who are falling behind on payments. Knowing this can help you take action to collect overdue balances. This is also key to maximizing cash flow.

Similarly, by tracking your debt-to-equity ratio and other key financial metrics, a financial coach can identify any potential issues with your business’s financial stability. Knowing this can help you take proactive steps to address them before they become major problems.


Ultimately, understanding your numbers allows you to make better-informed decisions about the direction of your business. By having access to accurate data and metrics through Peak Bookkeeping, you can make strategic decisions that are based on real data, rather than just gut instincts. For example, suppose you’re considering expanding into a new market or launching a new product line. In this case, you can use data and analytics from Peak Bookkeeping to assess the potential demand for your offering. A financial coach can also help you estimate the cost of production and project potential revenue and profitability.

In Summary

…understanding your numbers with Peak Bookkeeping is a critical component of growing and managing a successful business. By monitoring key financial and operational metrics bi-weekly, a Peak Bookkeeping coach can identify areas of strength and weakness. A financial coach at Peak can also uncover new growth opportunities, and help you make better-informed decisions about the direction of your business. An annual business valuation with Peak Business Valuation is just another way you can see the added value.

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