Buying a Business

We work with buyers of businesses for one reason. We want buyers to feel comfortable when purchasing a business.

Determining the value of an existing small business can be a challenge for buyers. Much like buying a house, most buyers offer a price slightly lower than the asking price and then negotiate with the seller from there.

This sounds simple, but what if you could enter negotiations with a sound understanding of the value of that business? This can increase your confidence during the negotiation process.

A business valuation should be a part of the due diligence process. As a business appraiser in Utah, we have worked with individuals locally and nationwide to provide this service. We consider ourselves an advisor in the due diligence process.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide a proper valuation that uses the information obtained during the due diligence process. The valuation looks at historical earnings, current cash flow, potential profit, future market growth, and risk.

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