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Business Appraiser Utah | About PageValue: It’s what people are willing to pay for. It’s a driving reason behind why you are seeking a business valuation. And it’s the reason our clients consistently choose us over other valuation firms.

We’re a world-class business valuation firm despite our relatively small size. The reasons for this reality may surprise you.

We’re not smarter than the big valuation shops in the market. We don’t work longer hours than our competitors. And we don’t have superior financial understanding that is uncommon among our peers. We do, however, create value in our own company in a way that brings greater value to our clients.

Here’s our “secret sauce”…
After years of working in the dog-eat-dog corporate valuation world, we decided to do something different. We saw an opportunity to put our highest value on our people. We knew we could create an approach to valuing companies that provides top-tier valuations while adding valuable business insights other valuation companies don’t provide. And we were clear on the fact we could deliver higher quality valuations than the existing players out there, at a lower price than they can, in less time than anyone else in the market because of the different approach we take in everything we do.

And we did it. Very successfully.

Peak Business Valuation is a place where personal values pervade everything we do. We attract the best people. We build meaningful relationships. We operate with complete integrity. And everyone who chooses to associate with us wins.

If receiving meaningful value in your valuations is important to you, we submit that we can outperform any other option you may have. Valuations are not a commodity to those who understand their value.

This is our story. Welcome to the valuation world…re-imagined.


Ryan is the strategic and analytical driver behind Peak. As the managing partner, Ryan creates an environment of growth and continuous improvement where his team and clients all succeed. Ryan has a cutting edge ability to empower others and has an acute focus on providing the best experience for all with whom he interacts.

Prior to Peak, Ryan spent over 8 years in finance and accounting, where he learned the importance of positivity, putting people first, and providing value that exceeds expectations. As a top producer, Ryan works with complete integrity and applies world-class analytical skills and personal drive to every business valuation engagement.

Ryan and his team have completed more than 2,000 business appraisals across various industries and countries. In addition to providing valuation services, Ryan advises on the value of equity interests for a variety of purposes. Some of these include corporate planning, ownership transactions, recapitalization, mergers and acquisitions, estate and gift tax planning, and ESOP reporting compliance.

Business Appraiser Utah | About - Ryan Hutchins



  • B.S. in Business Management with an emphasis in Finance from Brigham Young University
  • Certificate in Advanced Accounting Proficiency from Santa Clara University


Professional Affiliations and Designations:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) as of October 2015. License # 127878
  • Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) as of January 2018
  • Member of the American Institution of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA)

Kelli is a woman of vision. Prior to becoming a principal at Peak, her work experiences taught her the differences in culture in work environments where employees are built up and supported as compared to those in which people come second to process or position. Kelli is the driving force behind the human element of Peak. She carefully crafts the well-planned growth of the firm in such a way that our clients enjoy the same high-touch, insight-driven experience with every member of our team as we continue on our rapid growth trajectory.

As a masterful communicator and collaborator, Kelli moderates our continuous improvement model. She nurtures an environment in which people connect meaningfully at all levels. She sees to it that clients are provided with experiences that go beyond traditional valuation industry norms to deliver superior value in providing business-building insights. And she maintains the integrity that is the fabric that envelopes our team and clients, creating and maintaining the unparalleled Peak Business Valuation experience at every touchpoint.


  • B.S. in Business Management with an emphasis in Organizational Development from Utah Valley University
  • M.B.A with an emphasis in Business Management from Utah Valley University
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