SBA Business Valuations

Close Your SBA Loans Faster with Peak’s Business Valuation and Equipment Appraisal

As a business appraiser, Peak Business Valuation is committed to helping small businesses thrive! We are a valuation company that specializes in providing SBA 7(a) loan business valuations and machinery and equipment appraisals.
We understand the importance of small businesses in the economy.

Small businesses are vital to growth and innovation in the United States. Our economy was built by small business owners and will always continue to rely on small business owners. At Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser, we have the honor of working with more than 80 SBA lenders across the country. These banks and non-bank SBA lenders provide the necessary SBA financing for individuals and business owners looking to build, buy, or expand their business. In our effort to support SBA bank lenders across the country, we have made it our mission to help lenders close SBA loans faster through Peak’s SBA business valuation process.

SBA Business Valuations


Why use Peak for SBA Compliant Valuations?
  1. Relationship-focused

Peak’s mission is to help “build businesses that thrive.” Not only are we dedicated to helping businesses succeed, but also SBA lenders. The Peak Business Valuation team acts as a resource to you throughout the discovery, underwriting, and post-closing phase of the SBA loan process. Our proactive approach in meeting and exceeding your needs is our top priority.

  1. Accurate

SBA business valuations are key to helping you build a successful SBA lending program. To ensure your success, we guarantee work of the highest accuracy and professionalism. A certified valuation specialist at Peak Business Valuation completes all our SBA business valuations.

  1. Fast

We understand the need for quick results. We pride ourselves not only on the most accurate SBA business valuations possible but also in the fastest amount of time so you can close your loans quickly. Peak Business Valuation’s average turnaround time for an SBA business valuation is between 4-6 business days. That is nearly twice as fast as our competitors.

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What does Peak’s valuation process look like?

We want to help ensure the success of your SBA lending institution. As such, Peak takes several steps to help complete SBA valuations in an accurate and timely manner to help you close your loans faster.

          Engage: Determine the client needs and gather needed documents

          Analyze: Review company financials and perform industry and economic research

          Prepare: Build the valuation model and determine the value

          Finalize: Deliver SBA business valuation report and discuss the valuation

         Connect: Peak Business Valuation is here to further help you and your SBA clients. We are happy to make introductions to trusted advisors.


Peak’s Credentials:

At Peak, all our SBA business valuations meet the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) requirements. Because we know compliance is crucial in the SBA lending process, our business valuation experts guarantee that our SBA business valuations meet the SBA’s SOP requirements.

Peak Business Valuation follows the SBA Standard Operating Procedures 50 1-5(k), which states:

“If the amount being financed (including any 7(a), 504, seller, or other financings) minus the appraised value of the real estate and/or equipment is greater than $250,000 or if there is a close relationship between the buyer and seller (for example, transactions between family members or business partners), the lender must obtain an independent business appraisal from a qualified source.”

Here at Peak Business Valuation, we have a team of qualified professionals. All our business valuation reports are prepared and signed by a certified and accredited valuation professional.


Common Documents Requested for an SBA Business Valuation
  • Three to Four Years of Business Tax Returns
  • Interim Balance Sheets and Income Statements for the Business
    • The interim financials should be on the same accounting basis as the tax returns or company-prepared financials
  • Forecasted Financial Statements (two years if applicable)
  • Purchase Agreements (Including Real Estate Purchase Agreements)
  • Credit Memo
  • Commitment Letter
  • AR Aging Schedule
    • If available, the schedule should be the same date as the interim financials
  • AP Aging Schedule
    • If available, the schedule should be the same date as the interim financials
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Commercial Lease Agreements


Machinery & Equipment Appraisals


Peak Business Valuation also provides machinery & equipment appraisals for SBA lenders across the country. A machinery and/or equipment appraisal is an independent and unbiased opinion of the value of tangible assets as of a specific date.

Peak guarantees the highest quality appraisals on all our engagements. The report is prepared by a member of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA). All machinery & equipment appraisal reports at Peak are USPAP and SBA compliant. Compliance with these standards helps ensure proven appraisal methods are used to develop a defendable opinion of value.

Peak offers the following SBA machinery & equipment appraisal reports:

          Desktop Summary Report: This report provides a summary of the equipment appraised through research, pictures, descriptions, and phone interviews. A site visit is not made. A lender may order a desktop summary report when a visual identification by the appraiser is not needed. A desktop report for some circumstances may be more time and cost-effective. This report is compliant with USPAP reporting standards.

          Summary Appraisal Report: This appraisal includes a site visit when the lender requests. The certified machinery and equipment appraiser visits the site where the machinery and equipment are located. They then complete a physical inspection and provide a summary of the assets valued. The report includes the classification of the fixed assets, i.e. year, make, model, and serial number. The appraiser also verifies the maintenance schedule, location, working condition, and use of the assets. This report is compliant with USPAP reporting standards.

Our firm provides qualified SBA machinery and equipment appraisals for various purposes and industries. The team at Peak Business Valuation has the knowledge and expertise to provide your SBA equipment appraisals with speed, accuracy, and integrity.


Information Requested for an M&E Appraisal

Information for each Asset (most of this can be found on a Depreciation Schedule):

  •         Description/Manufacturer Details
  •         Model and/or Type
  •         Quantity
  •         Serial Number
  •         Size and additional information regarding the look of the equipment
  •         Year Purchase and Placed into Service
  •         Area and Location
  •         Gross Value and the Accumulated Depreciation Value
  •         Pictures

o   We can perform a site inspection if needed


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Peak Business Valuation is here to help ensure the success of your SBA loan program. We seek to minimize your risk by providing an independent/unbiased conclusion on business/collateral value.

At Peak, personal values are key to everything we do. We believe that such values are at the heart of all the businesses we work with. So, we seek to model these ourselves. This helps us build meaningful relationships, attract great minds, and conduct our business with integrity.

For new SBA lenders, we offer 50.0% off your first SBA business valuation with Peak Business Valuation. Over 35 regional and national SBA lenders work Peak Business Valuation on a weekly or monthly basis. Give us a call and experience why they choose to work with us to meet their SBA business valuation needs.

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