Peak Business Valuation Reviews | Rob B. Testimonial

Good morning. My name is Rob Bennett and I work with Shelbourne & Associates, Oral & Facial Surgery. Ryan Hutchins over at Peak Business Valuation quarterbacked our valuation, and he did a fantastic job. A 10 out of 10 experience. We actually became friends with him throughout the process, even though it was only about a two week lead time if you will. Heard about you guys online. The best thing about Peak Business was their responsiveness, Ryan’s attention to detail, and his willingness to chat and explain everything and also get the valuation done in less than a week. So I would recommend them to anyone looking to not only value the company, but learn more about their own business and other businesses and how they compare to other industries. It’s very valuable information. He taught me. Ryan especially shares with me a few things that I’ll definitely take moving forward. I would recommend y’all because not only were you professional and timely but very friendly and fun to chat with and just, a pleasurable experience, throughout the whole process. So would highly recommend Ryan and his company Peak Business. Can’t say enough good things about them. Thank you so much. Bye.

Hi, my name is Eric. I live in Salt Lake City and I work for Zions Bank Corporation. One of the largest banks in the region, the inner mountain region. I’ve had a chance to work with Peak Business Valuation over the past, and I’ve had a wonderful experience. We’ve worked with one another in consulting capacities. Ryan is an incredible resource for me. As I worked through my business valuations at Zions Bank Corp, I know he’s a trusted advisor and Peak has provided me the consulting services and data as I’ve requested it. What I liked most about working with Peak Business Valuations, with how professional they were, they were very knowledgeable in the questions that I asked in the subjects that I needed help with. I appreciate how professional Ryan was and others at his firm, they were very responsive and very respectful of my time. I would definitely recommend Peak Business Valuations to my friends and colleagues, and I will continue to use their services in the future.

Peak Business Valuation Reviews | Eric S. Testimonial

Peak Business Valuation Reviews | Brett M. Testimonial

My name is Brett Munson. I’m the owner of Hungry Howie’s Pizza in Orem, Utah. And we reached out to Ryan at Peak when we were in the process of purchasing the restaurant. The thing I like most about working with Ryan was how easy it was. He was really quick to get back all the numbers and reports to us, and it really gave us the confidence to know that we were able to purchase this business at a fair price. If you are looking or about to buy a business, I would definitely recommend calling Peak

My name is Cameron Cope. I’m the owner of Independent Appraisal Experts. I’m a certified machinery and equipment appraiser, and we offer nationwide appraisal services for machinery, equipment, and inventory for businesses, banks, and lenders who need these services for their loan portfolios. In addition to appraisals, we also offer nationwide site inspections to verify a business’s assets, inventory, machinery equipment, and also to help us gather information needed for valuation purposes. While working in this area of work, Ryan Hutchins, the owner of Peak Business Valuation reached out to me because he needed some equipment valued for a business valuation that he was preparing for one of his clients. During my interaction with him on that project and through lots of interactions since then, I’ve been able to get to know Ryan and Peak Valuations through our interaction and through working with them on different valuation assignments. I’ve gained the utmost confidence in their experience, knowledge, and expertise in business valuations, without hesitation. I recommend Ryan Hutchins and Peak Valuations for anyone’s business valuation needs. He hits deadlines, communicates expectations, and he always delivers. I have the utmost confidence in their work professionalism and customer service. You will not regret giving them a call.

Peak Business Valuation Reviews | Cameron C. Testimonial

Peak Business Valuation Reviews | Tyler H. Testimonial

Hi, my name is Tyler Huff. I just wanted to leave a quick review here for Peak. These guys are awesome! I was getting a business loan for my business and they were able to do a business valuation for us. We were referred to them by our bank that I was actually doing the loan through. I liked how quick and timely they were. They communicated amazingly. Basically gave us some pointers. A little bit of consulting as well, which is really neat. They also got me in touch with a really good attorney as well. So I would refer them to anybody, any one of my friends or family that was doing business or anybody I don’t know as well. Definitely, a great company to be in business with and a great service provided. Thanks!

Hi, my name is Brian King and I’m a physical therapist. I founded Kauno. We are physical therapy and personal training facility in San Francisco. And we recently opened our second clinic. We needed some help to do a valuation, potentially restructure our business. And at first, I tried to do all the valuation on my own. I was researching, I was going to different websites and I really had difficulty with the nuance of where our company fit on the spectrum of where it evaluated. So I reached out to Peak Business Valuation, which I found on a Google search. And luckily I reached out and Ryan very promptly responded and he took care of all our needs very quickly. He very quickly determined what our concerns were, what the solutions were, and really made it simple to understand. I’d recommend Peak Business Valuation for their trustworthiness and really their approachability. They’re not intimidating. They’re not trying to do too much. They really just want to know your needs and they’re willing to help you achieve your goals.

Peak Business Valuation Reviews | Brian K. Testimonial

Peak Business Valuation Reviews | Dallin A. Testimonial

My name is Dallin Aston and I own a company called Rise Marketing. Thanks so much, Kimball for giving me the opportunity to kind of do this and then talk about my feelings toward Peak. I’m really excited. So thank you!

So, I am a business major and I actually found out about Peak through an accounting teacher that I had at Snow College. I was looking for an opportunity to work with similar services. Right, kind of getting that experience in regard to my degree. And he told me about the opportunity. I reached out and was able to work with Peak and learn quite a bit. And honestly, it has been an amazing experience, an amazing learning experience. And anyway, it’s been great.

First of all, I absolutely adore Peak’s motto of building businesses that thrive, but I think something that is really prominent not only businesses that thrive, but individuals that thrive, that’s something that I felt the entirety of my time working with Peak. I always felt that the entire team was dedicated to helping not only other businesses thrive, but I thrive. I think that’s huge because no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s your career, whether it’s a business you’re starting, whether it’s a business you’ve owned, the success really starts with you! And so if you, having that motivation, having that motto of building businesses and individuals that thrive is absolutely huge. And it shows through the conduct of the team at Peak, Ryan, and Kelli. I mean, it’s very apparent and anyone that works with Peak, I guarantee you can feel that same, same professionalism, same positivity, same just overall amazing kind of culture.

I would definitely recommend anyone to work with Peak. I mean, not only on the business valuation side of things which is amazing and needed for business health. But I would say, you know, in regards to your question, like consulting or interacting with people in any way is extremely valuable. My time with Peak; however long that was, I feel like I learned so much about business strategy, construction of what a healthy business actually looks like that it trumps most other classes. Most of the things that I’ve taken in the past, you know what I mean? It gave me so much insight into what a successful business should look like. I think it’s incredibly priceless. Do you know what I mean? It’s a priceless opportunity to be able to work with Ryan and Kelli. Have this expertise in such an amazing niche. Do you know what I mean? Like doing business valuation really allows you to analyze the business, analyze countless businesses, and see, okay, this works for them. This doesn’t work for them. Do you know what I mean? And this is what a healthy business looks like. I think that’s incredibly important, especially when you’re saying, coming in from an outside business leader perspective, saying, okay, you know, from an outside perspective, what do you think could help? And they have the expertise to help perfectly with that.

I can’t speak highly enough about Peak Business Valuations and Ryan Hutchins. Ryan is extremely knowledgeable and produces a great valuation report. Ryan always makes himself available to discuss the project, whether that be before we engage him and discuss his thoughts on the business valuation, the industry and his approach or after the business valuation is completed and we discuss his reasoning, method and result. Peak Business Valuations is typically much quicker at completing their valuation than most companies I have worked with as well. Ryan and Peak Business Valuations are professional, responsive, transparent and provide great a great product and great customer service. I highly recommend Peak Business Valuations.

– Dustin Krause, Senior Relationship Manager, VP at Pursuit

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