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Who does Peak work with?


Owners looking to grow their business:

As a business owner, you often think about how you can build a better business. At Peak Business Valuation, best business appraiser, we work with business owners weekly. We help owners understand the value of their business if they are looking to grow. In addition, we help business owners identify the value drivers behind the business valuation to grow their business.


Individuals looking to buy a business:

As an individual looking to buy a business, you are faced with understanding the value of the business you are looking to buy. Is the listing price from the seller, high, low, or just right? Rather than answering this question on your own, you can reach out to Peak Business Valuation, best business appraiser. We are an independent valuation firm that cares about deriving an accurate and fair market value for the business that you are looking to purchase. Obtaining a business valuation can help you make an offer with confidence!


Individuals looking to sell a business:

Or perhaps you simply think about selling your business one day. Peak Business Valuation, best business appraiser, is here to help you understand the fair market value of your business. This can help you determine an appropriate listing price and assist in negotiations with potential buyers. 


Assistance for financing or estate planning:

Lastly, if you are working on your estate plan or seeking financing, Peak Business Valuation, best business appraiser, can provide the proper business valuation reports and machinery & equipment appraisals for your estate and financing needs.

What does the free consultation call include?


We can discuss whatever you want on the call. However, there are some general questions that are typically discussed on the call.


  1. What are the operations of the business and what industry would the business fall under? With this question, we are looking to understand the complexity of your business. This includes whether or not we have experience working with similar businesses.
  2. What was the reported revenue for the most recent full year and where is revenue currently over the last twelve months? With this question, we are looking to understand how large your business is.
  3. Why are you looking to understand the value of a business or equipment held by a business? This question is probably the most important. As a business valuation firm, we need to determine the proper scope and standard of value for the valuation or appraisal report.
  4. Depending on the scope of the valuation, we will discuss the various report options we offer. Are you looking for a detailed report or for a more straightforward and quick report? The price defers.
  5. After understanding the scope, we will discuss the necessary documents and qualitative discussions required for the valuation or machinery & equipment appraisals.
  6. The most important questions that you are interested in are price and turnaround time. Ultimately, price is hard to gauge without discussing the previous questions. As an experienced valuation and machinery & equipment appraiser, we need to understand enough detail to provide a clear quote for the work needed. More likely than not, the price associated with our work is a range. This is determined based on an estimate of the time required to complete. 
  7. Turnaround is estimated based on the time and complexity required to complete the project. We normally provide a business valuation report or a machinery & equipment appraisal report within five to ten business days.
  8. The last question we discuss is when we begin. We can start the clock right after the phone call. Or we can wait until you have the necessary documents gathered to begin the valuation or machinery & equipment appraisal. We will do what works best for you.

When should you contact Peak Business Valuation?


There is never a better time to give Peak Business Valuation, best business appraiser, a call. If you are looking to understand the value of a business for any reason, you should call. Our average free consultation call ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the needs of the individual we are conversing with. If we are not the proper party that you should be speaking or working with, we will point that out immediately and put you in touch with the right person. At the end of the day, we care about your needs and making sure that your inquiry is properly addressed.


Where can we contact you?


Over 90.0% of our consultation calls take place over the phone through a direct call or a conference call, depending on the number of individuals on the call. We are happy to jump on a Zoom call or a Skype call if preferred. We have worked with individuals from different countries. More often than not, we are unable to work with those who reside outside the United States. But, we have acquaintances that do work with individuals outside the United States that we would be happy to introduce you to. Give us a call or send us an email when you are ready to talk, we respond within 6 to 12 hours. The best part about the conversation is you get to sit and relax while we chat for 30 to 60 minutes.


Why use Peak Business Valuation?


At Peak Business Valuation, best business appraiser, we are:
  1. Focused – We know our lane and will tell you if we are the right partner
  2. Offer Personalized Service – We listen and ensure that your needs are being met
  3. Clear Pricing – We provide clear pricing and explain the value you will receive
  4. Thorough Appraisals – Accurate and detailed reports that stand up to scrutiny
  5. Quality Reports – We provide the service you need. According to our Google Reviews, we are responsive, professional, and go the extra mile. 
  6. Social Proof – If you want proof, take a look for yourself. Click here for Peak’s Reviews. We have the most Google Reviews of any business valuation firm in the United States.


How do I contact Peak?


You can get starting by calling 435-359-2684 or schedule a free consultation by clicking the link below.

We will respond within 6 to 12 hours. However, we know that time is important to you, so feel free to let us know in a voicemail if there is a certain time frame in which you wish to speak. We will assess our schedule and reach out to you.

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