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Business Appraisals in West Virginia


West Virginia was the 35th state to be granted statehood. Although originally part of Virginia, the state wanted to split and did so successfully in 1861. The territory then went on to

Charleston West Virginia

become a state in 1863. The largest city in West Virginia is Charleston which is also the state capital. West Virginia is referred to as the Mountain State. The reason for this nickname is because it is the only state that is completely within the Appalachian Mountain region. In fact, the average elevation is higher than any other state east of the Mississippi River! The surrounding states include Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky. Because of West Virginia’s mountainous terrain, West Virginia is known for its timber and extensive forests and woodlands. It is also famous for salt. Wild buffalo, deer, and even Native Americans and early colonists would gather the salt to cure and preserve food. The salt is still mined today! The other natural resources vital to West Virginia include coal, oil, and natural gas.


Avid mountain and rock climbers travel to West Virginia from all over the United States! The state has often been dubbed as the “Switzerland of the United States.” There are numerous sights and scenic opportunities to climb, hike, camp, or fish in the outdoors. The longest steel arch bridge in the western hemisphere is also found in West Virginia. The River Gorge Bridge is 1,815 feet long, and 876 feet high. Every October, there is a Bridge Day, in which the bridge is closed to traffic, and instead people bungee jump or parachute off the bridge! Some of the other more popular places to visit include the Seneca Rocks and Monongahela National Forest, Blackwater Falls State Park, and the famous Greenbrier grand hotel.


Over the years, many people have left West Virginia and relocated to faster-developing states, but West Virginia continues to be a viable destination for business owners due to the numerous opportunities available! According to the SBA (Small Business Administration), there are 113,779 small businesses in the state of West Virginia. These small businesses make up 98.90% of all West Virginia businesses and employ 49.10% of all West Virginia employees. There is tremendous potential for small business owners in West Virginia! If you are a business owner or are interested in owning a business in West Virginia, see how Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser West Virginia, can help you! 


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What Cities In West Virginia Does Peak Business Valuation Perform Business Appraisals?


Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser West Virginia, has worked with and performed business appraisals and machinery and equipment appraisals all over West Virginia! Some of the most recent cities we have worked with include:

  • Charleston
  • Morgantown
  • Beckley
  • Martinsburg
  • Weirton
  • Fairmont
  • Wheeling
  • Parkersburg
  • Clarksburg
  • Huntington
  • Bridgeport
  • Oak Hill

We enjoy and love working with individuals from all over the state of West Virginia!

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What Industries in West Virginia does Peak Business Valuation Perform Business Appraisals?


West Virginia has a vast number of industries and a variety of different businesses across the state! Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser West Virginia, has worked with many of these businesses performing valuation appraisals and machinery and equipment appraisals in West Virginia. Here are some of the most common industries we work with:



  • Manufacturing
    • Iron & Steel Manufacturing
    • Bread Production
    • Breweries
    • Wineries
    • Textile Mills
    • Apparel Manufacturing
    • Shoe & Footwear Manufacturing
    • Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing
    • Circuit Board & Electronic Component
    • Printing Services


  • Wholesale Trade
    • Automobile Wholesale
    • Auto Parts Wholesale
    • Jewelry & Watch Wholesale
    • Lumber Wholesale
    • Footwear Wholesale
    • Apparel Wholesale
    • Construction Equipment Wholesale
    • Industrial Supplies Wholesale
    • Janitorial Equipment Supply Wholesale
    • Paint Wholesale


  • Retail Trade
    • New and Used Car Dealers
    • Recreational Vehicle Dealers
    • Auto Parts Store
    • Tire Dealers
    • Furniture Stores
    • Convenience Stores
    • Clothing Stores
    • Jewelry Stores
    • Hardware Stores
    • Lumber & Building Material Stores
    • Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
    • Beer, Wine, & Liquor Stores
    • E-Commerce


  • Transportation and Warehousing
    • Local Freight Trucking
    • Long-Distance Freight Trucking
    • Moving Services
    • Local Specialized Freight Trucking
    • Automobile Towing
    • Couriers & Local Delivery Services


  • Information
    • Software Publishing
    • Operating Systems & Productivity Software Publishers
    • Internet Service Providers
    • Wireless Telecommunications Carriers




  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services




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Reasons for A Business Valuation in West Virginia:

Charleston, West Virginia, USA


Peak Business Valuation offers valuation services and business appraisals in West Virginia for the following reasons:


  • Selling a Business or Equity. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser West Virginia, works with business owners to help them understand the value of their business. A business valuation can get complex and confusing very quickly. That is why Peak Business Valuation is here to help! Before you start down the road of selling your business, give us a call! We want to help you understand the value of your business before you sell so you can get top dollar! 
  • Growing a Business. Practically every business owner wants to grow their business. Growing a business takes constant, consistent effort, and care. Sometimes along the way, you need outside support or advice on what you should do in order to continue growing. We provide that outside support! We want to help you grow your business and will help you do that in a variety of ways! We will provide you with a starting point, and then will help you monitor your progress as you go along. No matter where your business is currently, Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser West Virginia, will help you grow and take your business to the next level!
  • Buying a Business. The process of buying a business is similar to that of buying a car or a house. There is a due diligence process, an analysis process, a negotiation process, etc. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser West Virginia, is here to help make that process easy to understand. We work with tons of individuals looking to buy businesses every single day! We will provide a business valuation to help you determine a fair purchase price. This business valuation will also help you in negotiating. Using a qualified, independent, third-party appraiser will help increase the validity and strength of your negotiations. In addition to the value of the business, most companies have some sort of machinery or equipment. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser West Virginia, offers machinery and equipment appraisals in West Virginia if you are looking to purchase the equipment of a company. 
  • SBA Financing. The SBA has established programs to help small business owners and buyers. One of the most common ways to buy a business is through the SBA 7(a) loan program. The SBA 7(a) program provides the needed funds to business seekers specifically for buying a business. We work with numerous banks and lenders across West Virginia to provide SBA business valuations for those looking to finance their business purchase with SBA financing. 
  • Other Services. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser West Virginia, provides many business services all across West Virginia! We provide gift and estate valuations, business valuations for divorce, litigation, and partner disputes. Whatever the details of the situation may be, it is important to know what the value of your business is! Knowledge is power! That is why Peak Business Valuation is ready to help you understand the value of your business!



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