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Sunset In Downtown Portland Oregon

A beautiful fall sunset in Downtown Portland in the Pacific Northwest

Oregon, nicknamed the Beaver State, is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The state borders California, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada. The capital of Oregon is Salem, and the biggest city in Oregon is Portland. Some of the key industries in Oregon include agriculture, wheat, fishing, dairy products, cattle, timber, Christmas trees, paper products, electronics, and computers. Portland, known as the City of Roses, is home to over a half million people. There are a number of sights to see all over the state of Oregon. Some of the most popular include Mount Hood, Crater Lake National Park, Cannon Beach, and Multnomah Falls. Outdoor enthusiasts will be more than satisfied with the beauty of Oregon’s lush wildlife. Being situated in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is rainy much of the year. The summers are mild, beautiful, and aren’t as rainy as the rest of the year.


Oregon is a popular place for companies and businesses, both large and small. Some of the largest companies headquartered in Oregon include Nike, Fred Meyer, Les Schwab Tire Centers, Lithia Motors, and Precision Castparts. In addition to the large companies, Oregon has many small businesses. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there are over 387,819 small businesses in Oregon. These small businesses make up 99.40% of all Oregon businesses and employ approximately 54.60% of Oregon employees. Oregon’s economy has been growing faster than the overall US economy. In 2019, Oregon’s economy grew at a rate of 2.4%, which was above the overall US economic growth rate of 2.1%. Oregon’s favorable economic outlook makes the state a great place for small businesses!


For business owners or business seekers in Oregon, there is a huge need for business valuation services and business appraisals! With the increased number of people looking to buy, sell, or gift a business to another individual, Oregon has become a hotspot for business transactions. Schedule a call with Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Oregon, to learn more about how we can help you with your specific business needs! We want to answer any questions you may have about the value of your business in Oregon, or what you can do to increase the value of your business! 


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What Cities In Oregon Does Peak Business Valuation Perform Business Appraisals?


Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Oregon, has worked with and performed business appraisals all over Oregon! Some of the most recent cities we have worked with include:

  • Portland
  • Eugene
  • Salem
  • Medford
  • Beaverton
  • Corvallis
  • Bend
  • Hillsboro
  • Gresham
  • Springfield
  • Lincoln City
  • Prospect

We enjoy and love working with individuals from all over the state of Oregon! 

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What Industries in Oregon does Peak Business Valuation Perform Business Appraisals?


Oregon has a vast number of industries and a variety of different businesses all across the state! Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Oregon, has worked with many of these businesses performing valuation appraisals and machinery and equipment appraisals in Oregon. Here are some of the most common industries we work with!


  • Construction
    • Concrete Contractors
    • Masonry
    • Glass & Glazing Contractors
    • Roofing Contractors
    • Electricians
    • Heating & Air-Conditioning Contractors
    • Plumbers
    • Painters
    • Flooring Installers
    • Carpenters
    • Fence Construction


  • Manufacturing
    • Iron & Steel Manufacturing
    • Bread Production
    • Breweries
    • Wineries
    • Textile Mills
    • Apparel Manufacturing
    • Shoe & Footwear Manufacturing
    • Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing
    • Circuit Board & Electronic Component
    • Printing Services
    • Machine Shops – There are a number of manufacturing machine shops that are extremely popular in Oregon!


  • Wholesale Trade
    • Automobile Wholesale
    • Auto Parts Wholesale
    • Jewelry & Watch Wholesale
    • Lumber Wholesale
    • Footwear Wholesale
    • Apparel Wholesale
    • Construction Equipment Wholesale
    • Industrial Supplies Wholesale
    • Janitorial Equipment Supply Wholesale
    • Paint Wholesale


  • Retail Trade
    • New and Used Car Dealers
    • Recreational Vehicle Dealers
    • Auto Parts Store
    • Tire Dealers
    • Furniture Stores
    • Convenience Stores
    • Clothing Stores
    • Jewelry Stores
    • Hardware Stores
    • Lumber & Building Material Stores
    • Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
    • Beer, Wine, & Liquor Stores
    • E-Commerce


  • Transportation and Warehousing
    • Local Freight Trucking
    • Long-Distance Freight Trucking
    • Moving Services
    • Local Specialized Freight Trucking
    • Automobile Towing
    • Couriers & Local Delivery Services


  • Information
    • Software Publishing
    • Operating Systems & Productivity Software Publishers
    • Internet Service Providers
    • Wireless Telecommunications Carriers




  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services





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Reasons for A Business Valuation in Oregon:


Peak Business Valuation offers valuation services and business appraisals in Oregon for the following reasons:


  • Selling a Business or Equity. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Oregon, works with business owners to help them understand the value of their business. Business owners want to know what their company is worth. A business valuation can get complex and confusing very quickly. That is why Peak Business Valuation is here to help! Before you start down the road of selling your business, give us a call! We want to help you understand the value of your business before you sell so you can get top dollar! 
  • Growing a Business. Practically every business owner wants to grow their business. Growing a business is similar to growing a plant or raising a child. It takes constant, consistent effort and care. Sometimes along the way, you need outside support or advice on what you should do in order to continue growing. We provide that outside support! We want to help you grow your business, and we will help you do that in a variety of ways! We will provide you with a starting point, and then help you monitor your progress as you go along. No matter where your business is currently, Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Oregon, will help you grow and take your business to the next level!
    Portland, Oregon, USA Downtown

    Portland, Oregon, USA downtown skyline with Mt. Hood at dawn.

  • Buying a Business. The process of buying a business is similar to that of buying a car or a house. There is a due diligence process, an analysis process, a negotiation process, etc. Sometimes the process can get complex. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Oregon, is here to help make that process easy to understand. We work with tons of individuals looking to buy businesses every single day! We will provide a business valuation to help you determine a fair purchase price. This business valuation will also help you in negotiating. Using a qualified, independent, third-party appraiser will help increase the validity and strength of your analysis. In addition to the value of the business, most companies have some sort of machinery or equipment. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Oregon, offers machinery and equipment appraisals in Oregon if you are looking to purchase the equipment of a company. 
  • SBA Financing. The SBA has really tried to establish programs that help small businesses. One of the most common ways to buy a business is through the SBA 7(a) loan program. This is a program established by the SBA with the sole purpose of helping people buy and sell their small businesses. The SBA knows that the vast majority of people do not have adequate capital to fund their own transactions. That’s why the government started the SBA 7(a) program. We work with numerous banks and lenders across Oregon to provide SBA business valuations for those looking to finance their business purchase with SBA financing. 
  • Other Services. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Oregon, provides many business services all across Oregon! We provide gift and estate valuations, business valuations for divorce, litigation, and partner disputes. Whatever the details of the situation may be, it is important to know what the value of your business is! Knowledge is power! That is why Peak Business Valuation is ready to help you understand the value of your business!


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