Valuations for Buy/Sell Agreements

Each business is unique, as are the objectives of each owner. The mergers-and-acquisitions (M&A) process designed by Peak is customized to the profile of each client business and personalized to the objectives of ownership. It is a strategic, confidential, client-centered process that utilizes the resources of the firm and the experience of our seasoned professionals to provide the best advantage in the marketplace and produce optimal results for our client.

Valuation Assessment

Knowing the potential market value of a company assists ownership in identifying viable transition options, defining realistic personal and business objectives and reaching informed decisions.

We carefully analyze all aspects of each client business and consider factors – both internal and external – that impact value. We assess the marketplace, research industry trends and consider current activity in the acquirer/investor community.


Client Options

With a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the client business, an indication of its potential market value, and a clear understanding of the goals of our client, we present to our client only those options that we consider to be realistic and the most appropriate in terms of producing results that are aligned with client expectations.

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