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Business Appraisals in Maryland

Maryland, known as the “Old Line State,” and the “Free State,” was one of the first states to join the United States of America. Historical figure Captain John Smith was one of the first Europeans to arrive in the area in 1608. Maryland has a rich colonial history. One of these events includes the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Many people don’t know that Annapolis, Maryland was the first capital of the United States. However, the capital moved to Washington D.C. about a year later. Maryland played a key role in the Civil War, where it joined the Union in the fight against slavery. Maryland borders Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia. Various landscapes cover the state of Maryland. Some of these include marshes, forested wetlands, hills, ridges, valleys, streams, and mountains.


Maryland is known for its fishing and produces the most blue crabs in the United States. Maryland also mines coal, clay, natural gas, and limestone. There are a large number of printing, publishing, food, and machinery manufacturers in Maryland. There are tons of natural and historic sights to see all over Maryland. There are museums, boardwalks, and aquariums! The Maryland Gazette started in 1727 and is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States.

Maryland has a strong history of small businesses. Currently, there are over 600,000 small businesses in Maryland. These make up over 99.50% of all Maryland Businesses. These small businesses employ 1.2 million Maryland employees, which is 49.50% of all Maryland employees. The most popular small business industries are health care, professional services, and food service. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Maryland, has had the chance to work with many small business owners across the state! As the top rated business valuation firm in the nation, we are ready to help you to better understand the value of your business!  Schedule a free consultation call with Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Maryland, to see how we can help!

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What Cities In Maryland Does Peak Business Valuation Perform Business Appraisals?


Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Maryland, has worked with and performed business appraisals and machinery and equipment appraisals all over Maryland! Some of the most recent cities we have worked with include:

  • Baltimore
  • Annapolis
  • Cumberland
  • Hagerstown
  • Rockville
  • Ocean City
  • Gathersburg
  • Salisbury
  • Bowie
  • College Park
  • Havre de Grace
  • Silver Spring

We enjoy working with individuals from all over the state of Maryland!

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What Industries in Maryland does Peak Business Valuation Perform Business Appraisals?


Maryland has a vast number of industries and a variety of different businesses across the state! Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Maryland, has worked

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with many of these businesses performing valuation appraisals and machinery and equipment appraisals. Here are some of the most common industries we work with! No matter what business you are looking to buy or sell, Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Maryland, will help you to understand the value of the business! 



  • Manufacturing
    • Iron & Steel Manufacturing
    • Bread Production
    • Breweries
    • Wineries
    • Textile Mills
    • Apparel Manufacturing
    • Shoe & Footwear Manufacturing
    • Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing
    • Circuit Board & Electronic Component
    • Printing Services


  • Wholesale Trade
    • Automobile Wholesale
    • Auto Parts Wholesale
    • Jewelry & Watch Wholesale
    • Lumber Wholesale
    • Footwear Wholesale
    • Apparel Wholesale
    • Construction Equipment Wholesale
    • Industrial Supplies Wholesale
    • Janitorial Equipment Supply Wholesale
    • Paint Wholesale


  • Retail Trade
    • New and Used Car Dealers
    • Recreational Vehicle Dealers
    • Auto Parts Store
    • Tire Dealers
    • Furniture Stores
    • Convenience Stores
    • Clothing Stores
    • Jewelry Stores
    • Hardware Stores
    • Lumber & Building Material Stores
    • Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
    • Beer, Wine, & Liquor Stores
    • E-Commerce


  • Transportation and Warehousing
    • Local Freight Trucking
    • Long-Distance Freight Trucking
    • Moving Services
    • Local Specialized Freight Trucking
    • Automobile Towing
    • Couriers & Local Delivery Services


  • Information
    • Software Publishing
    • Operating Systems & Productivity Software Publishers
    • Internet Service Providers
    • Wireless Telecommunications Carriers




  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services





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Reasons for A Business Valuation in Maryland:


Peak Business Valuation offers valuation services and business appraisals in Maryland for the following reasons:

  • Selling a Business or Equity. If you are a business owner and are interested in selling your business, or a portion of your business, you should strongly consider having a business valuation performed. A business valuation can help you understand what the current value of your business is. If you understand what your business is worth, then you can make an informed decision about whether to sell your business. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Maryland, is here to help you understand exactly what your business is worth so you can sell your business or equity at a fair price that you can be confident in. 
  • Growing a Business. Everyone wants to grow their business, but some people don’t know where to start. Others are stuck and can’t seem to get over that “hump.” If either of these describe you, we are here to help! Simply knowing what your business is worth will help you understand what drives the value of your business. In our business valuation, we will go over key items you can change or implement to improve your business’s value. As you do so, we will continue to work with you and provide follow-up business valuations to help you see the progress and your hard work paying off! 
  • Buying a Business. If you are interested in buying a business, you probably have been exposed to how complicated the process can be. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Maryland, will help you to understand the finer details and intricacies surrounding business valuation. We want you as the buyer of a business to be confident in what you are purchasing. Having a business appraiser expert, like Peak Business Valuation, can help you to be certain you are making the right business decision.
  • SBA Financing. One of the most common ways to buy a business is through the SBA 7(a) loan program. We work with numerous banks and lenders across Maryland to provide SBA business valuations for those looking to finance more than $250,000. If you need an SBA loan, contact your preferred lender and let them know you want to work with Peak!
  • Other Services. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser Maryland, provides many other business services across Maryland! We provide gift and estate valuations, business valuations for divorce, litigation, and partnernship disputes. Whatever the details of the situation may be, it is important to know what the value of your business is! Knowledge is power! That is why Peak Business Valuation is ready to help you understand the value of your business!


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