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Tanning Equipment Appraisals

Tanning Equipment Appraisals

Tanning salons give people a safe and enjoyable tanning experience year-round. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, a golden tan is possible even in the dead of winter. As a service business, a salon’s equipment is its bread and butter. To understand the value of tanning equipment, be sure to obtain a tanning equipment appraisal. A certified equipment appraisal determines the fair value of tanning machinery and equipment. This value can help you better understand tanning equipment’s value, condition, and demand.

A certified machinery and equipment appraiser performs equipment appraisals. Peak Business Valuation appraises tanning equipment for buyers, lenders, and sellers. We also help business owners seeking equipment appraisals for strategic management. In any case, we are happy to perform a tanning equipment appraisal. To start, schedule a consultation at the link below. This meeting helps our team understand your purpose for seeking an equipment appraisal. As a result, we can personalize the tanning equipment valuation to your specific goals.

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What is a Tanning Equipment Appraisal?

The financial value of tanning equipment can vary. Its value depends on the equipment’s condition, market demand, age, and other factors. A certified machinery and equipment appraiser can determine the tanning equipment’s fair value. The equipment appraisal process involves thorough research and relevant experience. Depending on your situation, an equipment appraiser will select various valuation methods. These methods calculate the equipment’s fair market value, liquidation value, or replacement cost. An official equipment appraisal report details these findings. Approximations or inaccurate equipment appraisals can lead to costly mistakes. Undervaluation can lead to missed opportunities. On the other hand, overvaluation can lead to legal and financial disputes. To avoid this, seek a certified tanning equipment appraisal. 

What Types of Tanning Machinery and Equipment Does Peak Appraise?

A successful tanning salon relies on a variety of machinery and equipment. Each item helps to enhance the enjoyment and satisfaction of its clients. Tanning equipment is quite different from other types of equipment. Equipment appraisers should understand these differences in their production of a machinery and equipment appraisal. Peak Business Valuation performs tanning equipment appraisals across the country. Below are some of the most popular types of tanning equipment we value. 

  • Commercial Tanning Beds
  • Tanning Lamps and Bulbs
  • Spray Tanning Equipment
  • Stand-Up Tanning Booths
  • Red Light Therapy Beds
  • Sunbed Timer Systems

Peak has experience with other types of machinery and equipment as well. In addition, your tanning salon may also rely on office equipment, furnishings, and more. To discuss your specific types of tanning equipment with Peak, schedule a consultation. This meeting allows us to determine your tanning equipment appraisal needs. 

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Why Do I Need a Tanning Equipment Appraisal?

An equipment appraisal can help you make better business decisions. Below are a few examples of how a tanning equipment appraisal can help a tanning salon:

  • Buying or Selling Tanning Equipment

First, let’s look at buying and selling tanning equipment. Whether you are buying a tanning salon or just tanning equipment, you may need an equipment appraisal. A tanning equipment appraisal determines the fair value of tanning equipment. This step establishes a mutual understanding between the buyer and seller. On the other hand, equipment appraisals help sellers choose an initial offering price. The right price can attract buyers without leaving value on the table. Equipment appraisals can inform buyers of the price they should be paying. As such, they can negotiate a fair price based on the tanning equipment’s age and condition. Both buyers and sellers benefit from transparency in these business and equipment transactions.

  • Tanning Equipment Appraisals for Securing a Loan

To grow, businesses may need to seek financing from lenders. One example is the Small Business Administration (SBA). Lenders, like the SBA, may require a tanning equipment appraisal to approve a loan. This step helps to verify the fair value of a tanning salon’s equipment. Equipment appraisals serve as an unbiased third-party opinion of value for lenders and tanning salons. This valuation helps determine the worth of the business assets used as collateral for the loan. Once a lender approves the loan, your tanning salon is ready for strategic expansion. Peak Business Valuation frequently performs SBA equipment appraisals. 

  • Insurance Coverage for Tanning Equipment

Next, tanning salon machinery and equipment can be expensive to repair and replace. This is especially true in the case of natural disasters, accidents, and thefts. These unpredictable events can pose serious threats to a business’s financial health. It is important to have a plan in place for these costs. Insurance companies can bear the costs of equipment repair and replacement. To insure your tanning equipment, determine an appropriate amount of coverage. A certified equipment appraisal provides the equipment’s fair value. Understanding your equipment’s value can help prevent over or under-evaluation. With the right amount of coverage, you ensure readiness for any equipment damage or loss.

  • Estate Planning, Divorce, and Partnership Dissolutions

Next, a tanning equipment appraisal can aid in a fair distribution of assets. This process is important for estate planning, divorce, and partnership dissolution. Without a clear understanding of the equipment’s value, conflict can arise. To avoid conflict and asset mismanagement, obtain an equipment appraisal. A certified machinery and equipment appraiser ensures a third-party and objective equipment valuation. This approach allows for a smooth assessment and transfer of tanning equipment value.

  • Tanning Equipment Appraisals for Tax Reporting 

Finally, you can feel more prepared for tax season with an equipment appraisal. Tax authorities often require businesses to report their equipment’s fair value. This is when an equipment appraisal becomes the go-to solution. In the case of audits or inquiries, it provides legal proof of a certified valuation. An equipment appraisal also prevents overpayment of taxes. By ensuring that the assessed value aligns with the market value of the equipment, businesses pay only what is necessary. In some cases, businesses may be eligible for tax deductions related to equipment depreciation. Knowing the accurate value of equipment allows businesses to make informed financial decisions and accurate tax reporting.


In short, it is essential to understand the value of tanning machinery and equipment. A tanning equipment appraisal determines the equipment’s value. This value provides the foundation for sound strategic planning, reporting, and transactions. It is often required for buying, selling, or financing a tanning salon. To obtain a tanning equipment appraisal, seek a certified equipment appraiser.

At Peak Business Valuation, we understand the importance of precise machinery and equipment appraisals. Our team of experts appraises tanning machinery and equipment. To work with us, schedule a free consultation with Peak Business Valuation, certified machinery and equipment appraiser. In this meeting, we discuss your purpose for obtaining an equipment appraisal and answer questions about valuing tanning equipment. With this understanding, we can provide a tailored tanning salon equipment appraisal. Click the link below to get started!

See Steps for Obtaining a Tanning Salon Equipment Appraisal to learn more.

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