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The Valuation Process

The Valuation Process

At Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser, we are often asked what the valuation process looks like. This process we discuss with our clients on every free consultation. Get started by scheduling yours today!

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Below we discuss the four steps to Peak’s valuation process and what each includes.

   1.    Engage – Determine Client Needs and Gather Documents

The first step in the valuation process is engaging with the client. Here we have an introductory phone call to determine client needs. This includes asking a variety of questions including:

          What industry does the business operate in?

          Why is the individual looking for a business valuation?

          What type of business valuation report is sufficient?

          The scope of the project including company size, revenue, etc.

          The appropriate valuation date

          The timeframe of completion

We then discuss who the intended users are for the valuation and financial highlights. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have during the complimentary consultation.  After the initial phone call, Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser, will send you an engagement letter for you to sign and return.

Once we receive the engagement letter, the next step is collecting the required documents. This commonly includes tax returns, financial statements, and information about the owner’s discretionary income. These documents are submitted through a secure location. For a more comprehensive list, see Documents Required for a Business Valuation. Once Peak receives all the necessary information, we can then begin to value the business.

   2.    Analyze – Review Company Financials and Perform Research

Once Peak reviews all the necessary documents, our valuation experts can then review company financials and perform market research. This process typically includes a short phone interview or email. During which, the analyst will review questions regarding the financial statements, and ownership of the business, among others. The valuation analyst will also do research and analyze the subject company’s industry and market to obtain relevant industry data. This data is used in various valuation methods when determining the value of a company.

Reviewing company financials gives the business appraiser insight into the operations of the business. Financial statements are normalized to reflect more accurate information. The valuation expert can then use these normalized financial statements to calculate relevant financial ratios. Last, the valuation expert will compare the financial performance of the company to similar businesses in the industry. As part of this process, we also identify the value drivers of the business and risks associated with the business.

   3.    Prepare – Build Valuation Model and Determine Value

Next, when building a valuation model, the valuation expert will assess which valuation methods are most appropriate to use for the specific circumstance. Most valuation reports include a combination of valuation methods weighted to determine the value of the business.

Common business valuation methods include:

With each of the methods selected the valuation expert will test the reasonableness of the conclusion of value.

   4.    Finalize – Deliver Report and Discuss Valuation

The final step in the valuation process is writing the report. This includes making sure all relevant facts, analyses, and graphs are accurate and give supporting evidence for the conclusion of value. An accredited business valuation expert then reviews and finalizes the business valuation report. After which we deliver the report and discuss the results and details with the client. Peak seeks to help the individual understand why we concluded to the value, what key factors impact the value, and how to maximize the value of the company.  


This four-step process helps our clients have an exceptional experience obtaining a quality business valuation. Our goal is to not only deliver a report but to add value by discussing areas of growth whether you are looking to buy, sell or grow a business. Peak Business Valuation, business appraiser, is here to help you every step of the way. Questions are always welcome! You can contact us by scheduling your free consultation below! 


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